Our Objective

To provide our clients with an “I am assured experience," when chosen to execute a given task, our emphasis is to ensure the client objectives are met within the required time frame.

Our Vision

To be the leading company with quality in service delivery to all clients in Somali and globally.

Our Mission

Procure projects competitively and also with transparency by ensuring achievement and maintenance of clients’ market demands.

Our Commitment

We are committed to working in partnership with our clients and stakeholders and to consistently deliver value by sharing our knowledge and experience. 

Our Core Values Are

✓ Quality
✓ Integrity
✓ Honesty
✓ Teamwork
✓ Social Responsibility 

Our Business Areas

✓ Construction
✓ Consulting
✓ Security
✓ Logistics
✓ Mining

Strategic Partners

✓ Hotels and restaurants
✓ Construction companies
✓ Security companies
✓ Governmental institutions
✓ Logistics companies

Why Us

AB Group has a very high potential of unlocking productivity, creating jobs for the youth in Somali, promoting and peace through utilization of appropriate peace and reconciliatory techniques, participating and ensuring democracy in political decisions , increasing revenue generation through strategic engagement with both local and international partners as well as investors who have the potential to deal with untapped resources under appropriate legal systems and structures in Somali.
We provide a diverse range of services across numerous sectors and deliver tailored solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner to achieve tangible results and sustainable impact.
We provide state-of-the-art training and consultancy solutions to client companies across multiple industries. Our focus is on the people in organizations and helping decision-makers make critical choices that affect your bottom line results.
We offer quality services and products that meet international standards therefore satisfactory to all clients and other stakeholders. We possess global knowledge and we have global networks that help us to cut a niche across the globe and provide valuable solutions to all clients.
We possesses adequate human resource skills that gives us a competitive edge in equipping all clients with adequate knowledge and skills in their area need based on the training need analysis. We provide services that will empower the youth economically and socially to reduce insecurity and promote peace caused by the high rate of unemployed youth.

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+252 690 211 111

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Km4 Airport Road,
Mogadishu, Somalia

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