Institutional Reform

AB Group believes lack of social and economic development in a country is partially the lack of human capacity to implement core organizational and business objectives. AB Group offers capacity building programs that enable people, organizations and business community to strengthen their capabilities to develop in the areas of their work, entrepreneurship and livelihood mechanism.


AB Group training improves life prospects of masses and supports economic growth for local markets. Additionally, the Group provides grass-root community organizations, civil society and government civil servants with trainings on conflict resolution and state building process.

To achieve this vision, and advancing skills for the future focuses on three priority areas for action:
• State and Peace Building
• Industry and Innovation
• Access and Participation
AB Group intervenes challenges facing public and private institutions that are marred with a dysfunctional institutions due to poor service delivery, lack of transparency, and lack of good governance through reform program tailored each institution whether public or private. Activities AB Group cover include key areas of democratic governance and institutional strengthening – like rule of law, justice sector reform, parliamentary assistance and political party support, electoral assistance, human rights, support to state and non-state actors, and conflict prevention and peace building.

The Company

Our Objective

To provide our clients with an “I am assured experience," when chosen to execute a given task, our emphasis is to ensure the client objectives are met within the required time frame.

Our Vision

To be the leading company with quality in service delivery to all clients in Somali and globally.

Our Mission

Procure projects competitively and also with transparency by ensuring achievement and maintenance of clients’ market demands.

Our Commitment

We are committed to working in partnership with our clients and stakeholders and to consistently deliver value by sharing our knowledge and experience. 

Our Core Values Are

✓ Quality
✓ Integrity
✓ Honesty
✓ Teamwork
✓ Social Responsibility 

Our Business Areas

✓ Construction
✓ Consulting
✓ Security
✓ Logistics
✓ Mining

Strategic Partners

✓ Hotels and restaurants
✓ Construction companies
✓ Security companies
✓ Governmental institutions
✓ Logistics companies

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